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Guest Center in St-Petersburg -
your cosy homeplace in the city center

"Korall" Guest Center





Русская версия

Cozy house by Nevskiy

Ask an experienced traveler, which criteria he applies while choosing right accomodation for his trips? And the traveler in a mentor-like manner will instruct you, that there are 3 key words, which will not let you miss in such a crucial question. The first one is the "place". The second one, though it could sound slightly strange, is the "place" again. And the third one, you like it or not, will not differ much from the previous two.

The point of this tale is simple: better location in the city, then that of "Korall"Guest Center, merely does not exist. The second building from Nevskiy prospect on the pretty no-traffic street which opens right to the silhouette of Kazan Cathedral.

So what? - you will retort. There are quite enough hotels on Nevskiy: The experienced traveler will give you a smile of endless, tired wisdom, while explaining, that Nevskiy is long enough, and only a small part of it lies in rich and beautiful area, known as "Golden Triangle". And that by contrast to other hotels in this part of Nevskiy, you will not have to inhale exhaust gas and traffic dust, or listen to intense traffic noise of the busiest street of the city. From windows of "Korall" you will see a charming pedestrian street with plenty of restaurants, boutiques and monuments- on one side, and green, paved churchyard with guarded parking for guests of "Korall" - on the other one. And chime of church bells while having breakfast, like prediction of successful day. And, of course, view to Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan. The must point for any visitor. On Nevskiy prospect people are galloping. On Malaya Koniushennaya they are having rest. Here on window-sills - bright flower-beds with violets, under which- tables of summer cafes, and their visitors, sipping fragrant coffee, which in such an environment is perceived not like just a drink, but like a style of life: Sit down nearby, order your coffee, look around without rush- and you will understand everything!

After the very first day of your stay in "Korall" you will discover, that the "place" is definitely not the only key word about this hotel. Rooms are cozy and perfectly equipped. In all rooms- air conditioners, safe boxes, satellite TV, hair driers, substantial breakfasts (Swedish table) are included. During daytime it is a right place to have a business meeting, in the evening -to share a cup of tea with friends.

Who visited "Korall", usually returns here again. Staff is not only friendly and courteous. They are real professionals in hospitality business, trained in the State University of Service and Economics.

The combination of these factors creates that magic mixture which attracts guests, who appreciate comfort and style. Peace of visitors, their right of privacy, are the sacred cow, treated with great care. That is why in the Guest book of small "Korall" you will find enough well known names.

We work for those, who do not like huge hotels, huge restaurants, big crowds. Who, coming to St-Petersburg for business, being overloaded with exhibitions, meetings, seminars, clearly understand: these days can be not only fruitful, but also enjoyable and memorable.


hotel location: Russia, 191186, Saint-Petersburg, 7, Malaya Koniushennaya str., second floor,
+7 812 571-00-86, tel./fax: +7 812 314-38-65, e-mail: korall-spb@inbox.ru